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We believe that the two chief processes for a business are manufacturing a product and making people aware of it.

For a website, it is the build and design that is the first factor to get the viewer hooked to it. If it doesn’t interest the viewer, no matter what’s inside. Your website should reflect your business at the first glance. Your product quality, integrity, uprightness – each factor should be ascertained. This is what we keep in mind when we start off with a project.

Once the proposal is ready, our focused team is on its way to establish the basic layout with all the required features using their technical and psychological skills. During the different processes of putting together a website, we keep you clued up with all that is contributing to it. You are presented with more than one variant to let you choose what you think is best.

The process that follows is administered using a viewer point of view. Everything must be crystal clear with all the information readily available in minimum time. Once the whole project is ready, our servers will carry it out for testing and review.

What We offer in Design & Build
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Responsive web design

The most valuable thing is your client’s time. If at any point he feels that it is being wasted, that’s the moment when you lose him. We make sure it never happens. A quick response is what every visitor would expect from your website.

A slow working website is the biggest turn-off for the visitor. We know how to get the most responsive layout for a website without cutting on the content. Irrespective of what device is being used or what page is he on, the web design is presented in a way that every page is highly responsive.

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UX/ui design & Graphic design

We decide the graphics in accordance with what you make. Neither understated nor over the top, you will find everything just right. Whether it is a lot of redundant information or less than required data – both are as bad for the reader. Delivering the best user experience is typical however it is our prime objective so that the clientele keep coming back to you time and again.

Our visuals designing concept is just about expressing the ethos of the company correctly. Saying it would not be enough, just visit our portfolio to understand how our creative graphic designers can make a design speak for itself.

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html 5

Using this latest version of HTML, we can create highly responsive web designs that make your web page fit for all devices. With this technology, resizing, hiding, shrinking or enlarging a page will never be a problem which greatly adds to a friendly customer experience. The new and improved semantic tags help the reader examine the document better.

Moreover, getting your web page to support the audio and video content is much easier with HTML5 than before. Local storage, browser history management, timed media playback and document editing are some of its newly added features. These small yet cool features are a great help for web designers to develop more interactive websites.

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Angular js

This technology lets designers create magnificent web applications with added functionality. Using standard HTML as the main template language, many new features such as automatic data synchronization can be added to the page effortlessly. The result is a coherent web application that is more clear and concise.

This framework requires less writing and is easier to understand with a clean code and thus, lower chances of error. Two way data binding, deep linking for dynamic pages, communication with the server, reusable components and localization, templates and form validations are some of its unique features that make it worth.

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With thousands of tools available for creating customized web solutions, WordPress is still the preferred web software among designers. There is a myriad of amazing websites with great capabilities made using WordPress. It is an ideal choice for portfolios, blogs, job boards and similar websites that need simple plan.

With a wide range of themes available, you can choose the look and feel of a website. Without the need of hard core programming, the addition of plugins effortlessly adds extended functionality to the website. WordPress websites have always been ranked high in Google and other popular search engines and these are very easy to update.

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With the amazing flexibility it offers in terms of functionality, Magento holds its place as the world’s number one e-commerce platform. The open source and agile technology, Magento empowers many popular e-commerce websites boosting online sales and gross margins. It offers enormous adaptability to the websites to settle in to the changing buyer trends. The ease of access and flexibility of the framework is a great help for the designers.

The information required by the designers for producing amazing results is readily available as it has gained excessive popularity in all parts of the world. The platform is device friendly so if a mobile friendly website design or an app is to be designed, it is certainly possible with Magento.

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The simplicity of WordPress and the advanced functionality of Drupal, Joomla has got it all. It is a multilingual open source CMS platform offering website development in over 65 languages. The abundance of tools for programming and plugins adds to the dynamicity of the script. Managing content with Joomla is effortlessly simple that makes it a great choice for website and app designing.

Managing designs with different levels of hierarchy is very easy with it and the updates can be easily done using a web browser. Joomla can manage text, images, videos, music, documents or any type of content that you can think of.

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Another open source framework, CODEIGNITOR offers the benefits of simple design configuration. As device compatibility and responsive design are the two main features that are sought for in website designs, this makes Codeignitor a favorable choice as it offers both. It is the perfect fit for designing light weight and simple websites.

The platform lets the designer create classes for email, zip coding, FTP, file uploading and much more. The agile framework simplifies the PHP syntax to a great level which makes it really easy to learn and employ. With enormous customization capabilities, CODEIGNITOR lets the designers give a tailored form to the design.

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Offering enormous customizing options, Shopify facilitates the web designers with an extensive range of themes for e-commerce web portals. It lets you create a visual image of the final website design so that you know exactly how it looks well before actually going online. Making changes and testing the website is incredibly easy with the platform.

What makes it a preferred choice for e-commerce startups is its ability to create visually appealing looks. Keeping the design minimalistic while adding all of the essential marketing tools is a possibility with this framework. With Shopify, one does not have to worry about data security as hacker protection and security upgrades are readily available with the framework.

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Sharing content in multiple languages is the key feature of Drupal. In addition, immense flexibility, scalability and reliability are the other attributes that make Drupal an ideal choice for developing websites with a strong architecture. It offers numerous feature-rich templates that present the designers with a choice of responsive layouts, adjustable colour schemes, fonts and much more.

With absolutely foolproof security, Drupal proves itself to be highly dependable. The framework is extremely SEO friendly thus generating great SEO results becomes easy with it. The platform has been used for many government, global enterprise, educational institutions and NGO websites.

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