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In the present competitive world, technology has developed into a powerful device which connects customers to your business. Pollysys is an international eCommerce service provider having years of experience in designing and developing fruitful websites and web stores. Our dedicated web-based business solutions associate buyers and sellers through B2C and B2B online business channels and incorporate back-end applications and payment gateways as well. We design successful strategies. By running incessant market surveys, we keep a keen eye on the changing trends of the online trading industry which helps us deliver the latest solutions to numerous businesses.

Our designers create responsive designs, easy navigation, precise and organised categories and a secure payment gateway. Our custom-designed and custom-developed e-commerce websites help us incorporate as many features as required in the design for effective functioning. Many other elements can be integrated into your web portal designs to offer custom functionality and high conversion rates.

We do not only focus on generating more online sales but also on helping you establish a reputation and visibility to ensure success.

Whether you are a multi-brand selling portal, a blog publishing website or a portfolio showcase, we have a template that suits your business appropriately. Let's create your online visibility together!

With the high-level digitisation of all sectors, a business with no digital presence is sure to be left behind. Whether you are new to establish an online business presence or your existing web portal is not delivering the expected results; we assure you to incorporate the right elements into it so that you reach your target audience and make an impression that lasts forever.

E-Commerce Services Include

Magento development

Magento offers amazing benefits such as flexible content management, responsive design, device compatibility, easy SEO incorporation, third party integration, assured security, custom authorisation options and no constraint on space for data. The valuable characteristics like flexibility, scalability, availability and versatility make it a prime choice for designing e-commerce portals. Magento helps you focus on the user interface and the practicality of a design.

Ecommerce Image
Ecommerce Image

custom e-commerce

Developing a unique custom design for your online selling portal ensures consistent performance for years to come. Our custom e-commerce website designs are focused on letting you manage your business in a better way. We take time in understanding your business needs and integrate all those into one perfect solution catering to all your needs. With us, you can always expect something brilliant for your business.


With thousands of tools available for creating customised web solutions, WordPress is still the preferred web software among designers. There is a myriad of amazing websites with great capabilities made using WordPress. Without the need for hard core programming, the addition of plugins effortlessly adds extended functionality to the website. WordPress websites have always been ranked high in Google and other popular search engines and these are very easy to update.

Design Image
Design Image


The simplicity of WordPress and the advanced functionality of Drupal, Joomla has got it all. It is a multilingual open source CMS platform offering website development in over 65 languages. The abundance of tools for programming and plugins adds to the dynamicity of the script. Managing content with Joomla is effortlessly simple that makes it a great choice for website and app designing. Joomla can manage the things easily and effectively.


CodeIgniter offers the benefits of simple design configuration. As device compatibility and responsive design are the two main features required in a website design, Codeignitor got it covered. It is the perfect fit for designing light weight and simple websites. The platform lets the designer create classes for email, zip coding, FTP, file uploading and much more. With enormous customisation capabilities, CODEIGNITOR gives a tailored form to the design.

Design Image
Design Image


Offering enormous customizing options, Shopify facilitates the web designers with an extensive range of themes for e-commerce web portals. It lets you create a visual image of the final website design so that you know exactly how it looks well before actually going online. Making changes and testing the website is incredibly easy with the platform.

What makes it a preferred choice for e-commerce startups is its ability to create visually appealing looks. Keeping the design minimalistic while adding all of the essential marketing tools is a possibility with this framework. With Shopify, one does not have to worry about data security as hacker protection and security upgrades are readily available with the framework.


With Drupal, certain basic functionalities of an e-commerce website can be established such as displaying and adding products, managing orders and establishing trusted payment gateways, invoicing, including a locator to trace a store site and much more. It lets the user choose one among the different payment modes available while offering enhanced functionality in terms of adjusting price slabs as per the customer location, item weight, shipment cost, etc.

Design Image
Design Image


Opencart supports multiple languages and currencies. It lets the designer choose a dynamic layout to display different products offering a great user experience. The unique functionality makes it suitable for certain unique business needs such as setting up multiple stores with multi-store functionality; setting default currency, tax zones and language for each store. Moreover, tracking customer trends, calculating sales per week/day/month and setting up multiple payment gateways makes it a good choice to meet different requirements.

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