Accelerate your business with a Magento E-commerce website. We have a strong team of Magento analysts and architects that know all the facts and features of this technology to deliver you best results.

Having the right website design and orderliness is the first step towards a successful e-commerce business. If you are thinking of giving a new direction to your business with an online portal, you are at the right place. Our e-commerce website design experts have enriched knowledge base in many technologies, one of which is Magento. Our design experts at Pollysys have been shaping many websites using this high end tool called Magento for a while now. We believe that an e-commerce website can only be termed as successful if it suits the needs of the business as well as the clients. It must offer a versatile portal to the business to portray its products and services. On the other hand, it should also help customers find what they want with ease.

With these things in mind, we have found Magento a perfectly suitable tool for designing and developing e-commerce websites with different requirements. It is an open source e-commerce platform that lets designers develop website designs that are unique, practical and efficient. We have developed certain websites with unique requirements that can be Business to Business, Business to Customer, Customer to Business or even Customer to Customer. It helps us deliver custom solutions in a timely manner and thus at affordable prices. The solutions thus created with Magento are feature rich and easy to use with highly secure payment and shipment methods. The tool also lets us add multi-lingual and multi-currency dealing features to web portals letting the business reach to the global audience. Our customers currently using our Magento based e-commerce websites find their websites highly responsive and love the way their visitors keep turning into customers.

Magento E-commerce website

Why Magento is the smartest solution for your online business portal?

With so many open source website design platforms available, why Magento? With Magento at hand, all we need to know is what your explicit business requirements are and the process of building a successful e-commerce website starts then and there. In addition to effortless basic functionality, there are many additional features that the tool offers such as:

  • Can produce highly customized designs to meet customer specific needs.
  • Website updates and addition of new features can be effortlessly done.
  • Numerous website layout themes and designs available to reflect the true business image.
  • A number of payment gateways can be availed to the customers for choice of payment method.
  • While being an open source platform, it offers absolute compatibility with all devices.
  • Search engine optimization can be integrated easily into the functionality of Magento websites.
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