SharePoint application development offers end to end services to develop all types of websites from simple layouts to complex designs including custom CMS development, cloud computing features and much more.

We are proud to have a team of web designers and developers with us who know SharePoint to the core. With this innovative tool, we develop designs that are attractive, have a great interface and are highly responsive. Thorough understanding of this multi functional tool lets us create unique and innovative designs with all the desired features.

For an organization, it is crucial that its website reflects the true representation of the business. And for that, the ability to customize is highly desirable. The website designs developed with SharePoint are highly perceptive and adoptable for the end users. It lets us project the real image of an organization in front of its customers and render a remarkable user experience.

SharePoint is a preferred choice for business solutions where certain features such as collaboration of different branches or sites of a single company, effective content management, business process implementation and accessibility to information are desirable. With this software, our team is capable of delivering websites with content publishing and management, record management and other similar features. Data analyses and running effective searches is also possible with SharePoint. We have enabled many small and big brands to access these amazing features by designing their websites using SharePoint. We are continually making further efforts to enhance data management features and streamline organizational processes using their existing online portals.

Whether you want your business web portals to be built using SharePoint or integration of SharePoint into your existing structure is what you are looking forward to, our proficient team is ready to take up all kinds of such projects.

How SharePoint can be a right choice for your business type.

No industrial sector has remained untouched by competition. To cope up with this mounting competition and survive among the rivals, searching for new markets is essential. Many companies tend to set up more than one unit in different locations to explore new marketplaces for their brand. For such organizations, sharing internal business information in a secure and unedited manner is inevitable. Thus, a trustable platform is needed that fulfills all these conditions and offers for more. For such business organizations, Microsoft SharePoint is the ultimate solution. It is an enterprise platform that offers a safe and secure shared work environment to manage and avail data anywhere in the world.

With SharePoint, experts are capable of developing custom made business solutions to develop both internet and intranet websites which is an amazing feature. Further fragmentation of the functionalities of this tool includes:

  • Effective workflow management with custom features.
  • Web page customization.
  • WebPart development with custom features.
  • Report development.
  • Visual studio development.
  • Process integration.
Collaborating our expertise with SharePoint – a versatile environment

Obtaining full profit from this fully fledged multitasking tool

Microsoft Office SharePoint offers multiple ways using which this tool can work as an internal collaboration system offering efficient content management services. We, at Pollysys, offer a wide range of SharePoint services that deal with the issues in your existing business structure. Our team of SharePoint developers and consultants has a thorough knowledge of the tool and are always on the front foot to confer with you regarding your business needs and suggest the best solution for you.


Inclusive Analysis

By choosing an open source framework for workflow management and data sharing, you are exposing your internal information. In a way, it is putting your business at risk of revelation. Thorough analysis of the project requirements is a requisite which is only possible with the help of experts. Our long term presence in this sector gives us the self assurance of being able to suggest the best for you.


Custom Websites

A highly responsive fully customized website is the one that works well on all devices and platforms. Ignoring platform compatibility is the biggest mistake one can make during designing a website. SharePoint websites designs developed by us assure absolute responsiveness, highly functional plugins. Such user oriented website designs prove to be greatly helpful in getting a good customer response.


High End Data Security

When it is about sharing internal information, it is crucial for a business to ensure complete security. Illegal access or leakage of information due to any reason not only affects the business revenue but also hampers the repute of the company. SharePoint offers advanced security to your data by employing innovative features such as data encryption, security plugins, admin protection and much more.


Search Engine Optimization

If your SERP ranking is less than 10, the very purpose of having a website is being defied. SharePoint websites are not only beneficial for your internal business organization but the designers can also include features for better search engine optimization into it. The simple and clean code and user friendly responsive design of SharePoint websites let search engines crawl through them easily for great SEO results.

Access it From Anywhere

SharePoint lets you set up a knowledge base at any remote location or on the internet with the help of cloud computing services.

With the help of SharePoint, our experts can help you set up a knowledge base containing information in the form of documents and files that can be effortlessly shared with authorized users. This feature lets you store your information in an organized manner and allow access to certain users who can be your employees at another company unit or your customers or partners or anyone else whom you want to share information with. In this way, workload on a company gets shared among all its area offices and the time consumed in transferring the data from one place to another is also saved. It is a totally dependable medium of sharing highly confidential information.

Accessing the organizational information and complex technical solutions from anywhere is possible with SharePoint. All the professionals that are a part of your organization can be allowed to self-access solutions and resolve issues at their end. Moreover, the access capabilities are fully controllable so as to restrict the number of end users.

SharePoint has been packed up with an array of versatile features to be employed for a variety of functions. Additionally, there are certain special features such as all data is stored on cloud computing services allowing wireless access, the fusion of webpage content, documented data and calendar sync is possible, private website development, enterprise content management and many such things are possible with this versatile tool.

Our SharePoint Development framework based solutions are driven towards working out on your business concerns whether it is about designing a web portal, building intranet or extranet portals, designing and deploying workflow solutions or anything else that’s possible with SharePoint.

Delivering Visions TM

We believe in sharing ideas. Having a vision and working on it as a team is what boosts our energy. The time we have given to our work has rendered us a great learning experience in our field. While competition is soaring high, we are doing our best to reach and stay at the top.

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