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It is time to merge our skills with your ideas to lead the race. Together with our opinion and your response, we can craft smart solutions to change the way you used to look at information.

At Pollysys, we believe that the most important aspect of app design and development is user experience. Each step that we take towards designing the app should be taken to somehow enhance the user experience. We undergo detailed analysis of a project to fulfill the client’s specific needs; and we do this by developing a striking as well as functional user interface.

Our design process for developing a superior user interface for a delightful user experience starts with ascertaining a goal in mind. This greatly depends on the specific project requirements. Dialogue sessions between our experts and our clients are where we try to comprehend your needs and suggest you what is best for your business. Afterwards, the first step that we take to give an expression to our ideas is wireframing. This lets us develop a visual structure of the end result at a very initial level so that we can have an idea about what is coming through. It also helps us sharing our ideas among our team to nourish the basic design.

Using high end technologies, we conduct user testing sessions and one-on-one conferences to extract every possible feedback from you. Everything that you want in your project may not be ideal and everything that we suggest may not be exactly what you are looking forward to.

We are proud to develop smarter solutions for smarter users.

Emphasizing on these points is our key goal of this step. Once the basic technical design is ready, we start its testing from a user point of view. Considering all the big and small points regarding what can enhance the user experience, the front-end code is developed. After rigorous testing, the product is handed over to you backed up with our support for any unforeseen issues that might come your way.

For ensuring an impeccable functionality of an application, we focus on analyzing the project from the end user view point. Understanding our client expectations, finalizing on technologies to be used, laying the basic wireframe structure of the product and acid testing the final outcome – all the steps that we take during the whole process aim towards delivering a satisfactory user experience. Our UX/UI design practices are highly converged to add value to a design. The whole design process orbits around these significant points:

  • Developing a content strategy that works for your type of business
  • Choosing a platform as per client priorities and proposition
  • Work out an information architecture that renders the best organization of data
  • Enhancing the functionality of the visual structure to improve user experience
  • Developing an innovative graphic user interface that conveys detailed information for ease of use
  • Boosting the usability of the application and improving accessibility to information by issuing regular updates
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We believe in sharing ideas. Having a vision and working on it as a team is what boosts our energy. The time we have given to our work has rendered us a great learning experience in our field. While competition is soaring high, we are doing our best to reach and stay at the top.

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