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A mobile wireframe is a picture or visual, portrayed by hand or digitally designed, of an idea/outline of an expected mobile application, indicating how it would look on the screen of a cell phone.

Wireframes can have a few purposes, from imparting the look, feel and motivation behind each key page to business partners and the task group, through to an advanced blueprint portraying the client collaboration of each key page. Wireframe tools are great for ensuring the correct app flow during the designing process. Pollysys IT Solutions, use latest wireframe tools to design apps faster and to deliver fault free solutions.

Whatever may be the platform, Android, iOS, or Windows, wireframe is such a method that improves the process of development, while developing all kinds of useful and high-performance mobile apps. It is the best approach to meet the client’s requirements and curtail project revisions while keeping you on track. Our experience with wireframe tools has indicated that these tools are very easy to work with, offer numerous user interface elements and facilitate sharing of information among different team members.

Creating the best wireframes for our clients, makes us stand out from the competition. Our wireframes acts as a prototype that eases the display of the page features like header, footer, sidebars, content and navigation effectively. Nothing is impossible with us, ask for the best and will make sure to deliver the incredible.

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Benefits Of Wireframing Mobile Application:

It is always very exciting if you get an idea of an image of the thing you’re are looking for. Similarly, we at Pollysys understand and appreciate the demands of our every client. Considering the curiosity and blending it with the professional thoughts, we create wireframes to give the client, developer and designer a prospect to get a look at the structure of the application while allowing them to make adjustments early before starting the process.

Wireframing a mobile application brings numerous key benefits as follows:

  • Offering the client a clear, early and close-up view of the app design or re-design
  • An inspiration for the designer to go with a more fluid & creative process
  • Give a clear picture of the elements for reliable coding
  • Clarify the call to action on each page
  • Highly effective and easy to adapt while brings out the layout of various sections of an application
  • Refine navigation
  • Drive usability to the forefront
  • Save time and efforts as well
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