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Not all of your prospects are using Google

The Bing Search Engine Still Packs Quite A Punch. Don’t Neglect It

Why Serious Businesses Don’t Overlook Bing Ads

While Bing is a distant second in the global search market, there is still a valid case to add it to your search advertising mix. The reason is there is far less competition for ad placements on Bing. The cutthroat competition on Google Ads only leads to ever-increasing cost-per-click (CPC). 

Why should I spend my money with Bing Ads?

23% Of Searches Still Take Place On Bing

When you consider that 23% of all searches in the US happen on Bing, it becomes apparent that there is a significant portion of the market you could potentially be neglecting by advertising exclusively on Google Ads. 

Add Yahoo, which is part of the Bing network and you have +160 million unique users, 54 million of whom don’t conduct their searches on Google. What’s even better is it costs significantly less to advertise to this high-quality traffic than it is to advertise on Google Ads. 

Compared to Google Ads, you pay 33-42% less for a click when you advertise with Bing Ads. So by channeling some of your advertising budget to Microsoft Bing Ads, you will be saving quite a bit of money too. 

A PPC ads manager admires a 'Bing Ads' banner on his iPad.
A Bing Ads specialist works on a campaign on her computer

Many potential prospects are waiting to be discovered on Bing

Exploit Bing Ads’ Untapped Potential With Professional Campaign Management

Given its low popularity as a search ads platform, it may be tempting to not give your Bing Ads campaigns as much attention as you do your Google Ads campaigns. That will be a mistake.  

Just as Google Ads isn’t, Bing Ads isn’t a ‘set it and forget’ endeavor. You have to research your keywords, monitor your campaigns, and optimize them for progressively higher conversions. And you can only do that with professional campaign management. 

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