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    Cisco Meraki – Your Enterprise Grade Cloud Management Solution

    Now Scale your Operations with Confidence

    With evolution of remote work culture, networks are expanding and growing in complexity. Managing such networks individually is both resource-intensive and time-consuming.

    To empower your teams (both on-premises and remote) with intuitive experiences backed with highest level of security, Cisco Meraki steps in.

    Now you can configure all your internet-connected devices, firewalls, routers, switches and Wi-Fi networks from one single place.

    Say goodbye to all those hassles of managing complex networks at individual levels and welcome cloud-managed networking solution for that exceptional end-user experience.

    Call us today for the best network experience ever!

    Cisco Meraki Service

    What Cisco Meraki Benefits your Organization?

    What Cisco Meraki Benefits your Organization?
    When it comes to security, Cisco is the name you can trust blindly!

    Cisco Meraki easily adapts as per your network requirements and other changing IT needs with its robust cloud management platform thereby ensuring your network’s reliability, security and privacy.

    So, focus on your core business areas and let Cisco Meraki London takes care of your network.

    How? Have a look.

    • Easy-to-deploy, scalable and secure networks that can be managed from anywhere
    • Designed to meet hybrid and remote work culture
    • Simplified networks and unmatched visibility
    • High capacity
    • Single web-driven dashboard
    • 100% secure physical and digital assets
    • Pushing more empowered workforces and smarter workplaces

    Worried about licensing complexities? For every network managed device, you just need a single Cisco Meraki Dashboard license!

    Sound Good? Head to our Cisco certified experts and book a consultation now!

    Delivering Easier, Faster, Smarter and Managed Networks

    Pollysys - Your Ultimate Cisco Meraki Partner

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