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Competitive Analysis

Reverse engineer your competitors’ successes

Beat Your Competitors Without Necessarily Outspending Them

Why Competitor Analysis Is Crucial

Struggling to rank for the right keywords? Perhaps you had not prioritized SEO and get headaches just thinking where to begin?  At first, digital marketing – SEO in particular – can seem overwhelming. But if you have competitors who are crushing it on the SERPs, your job could already be half done. How so, you ask?  

You can use competitor analysis to reverse engineer their success, taking less time effort than they took to get where they are. And you know what? Competitor analysis works for new sites, too. 

A marketer conducts competitor analysis for SEO on his PC.

Knowing what your competitors do well is the first step to outranking them

What Competitor Analysis Will Do For Your SEO

With SEO, having competitors that know what they are doing and are succeeding because of it shouldn’t turn you off. It is the first thing you need to validate your niche idea.   

If you can tell what your competitors’ strategy is and what specific steps they have taken to get to where they are, your marketing job gets a lot easier. The process of finding all that out is the crux of what competitive analysis is about.  

Replicate Your Competitors’ Success

SEO without competitor research is costly, laborious, and misses the whole point of SEO, which is to identify what your target clients are searching for so you can serve them at their point of need.  

Your competitors have likely done most of this work for you. If you improve on their strategy, you can even ‘steal’ their traffic and customers. With insights from your competitive analysis report, you will be able to:

Outsmart Your Competition

Smart marketers find out what the competition is doing better than them, what keywords bring them most traffic, where their backlinks are coming from, and content formats bringing them the most traffic. They then take that strategy and make it work even better. 

By emulating them, you won’t have to spend more than your competitors on digital marketing. Often, you end up spending much less and getting better results.