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Imagine spending a ton of money on content and not see the ranking improvements, more leads, and the boost in sales you expected. That is the ultimate SEO nightmare. An SEO audit will expose the gaps you need to plug to drive relevant traffic to your web pages. 

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An issue-based approach to SEO

What’s Stopping Your Pages From Ranking?

There are many reasons why your website is not bringing in enough traffic or converting that traffic into leads or customers. Quite a few of them, like publishing duplicate content, can even get you penalized by Google. Here are a few others:  

However well your craft your content, if the infrastructure that supports your pages is not set up the right way, you will not rank for your target keywords.  

Know What Issues Are Stopping Your Pages From Ranking

Your website will be audited by SEO professionals who are in the trenches everyday optimizing and ranking websites, using a checklist perfected over many successful SEO campaigns.  

Among other benefits, an SEO audit helps you:  

With all those issues fixed and opportunities exploited, you know what happens? Your website gets a headstart on your competition. Your content won’t have to work as hard to rank. You get more organic traffic. The ROI on your SEO investment improves. 

Improve Your SEO With A Professional Website Audit

Aren’t there SEO tools you can use to do a website audit on my own. Yes, there are many, including some that are free to use. But these tools are only useful if you know what to look for.   

SEO tools are just that – tools. They will not do an SEO audit and interpret the results for you. We will do that, for FREE. Why?   

Because we would rather you know exactly what your site needs to rank before you spend any money on SEO services. It helps both you and us set relevant and achievable targets before you engage us to do your SEO.