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Google Display Network

Widen Your Audience Beyond The Search Market

If you cannot reach your target audience using SEO, the Google Display Network is your most viable medium

Grow Your Sales With Google Display Network Advertising

If you conduct a lot of your shopping online, a good guess is that adverts of the products you have browsed before seem to follow you everywhere and that you have often ended up making the purchase. 

That’s the power of remarketing on the Google Display Network, which you should put to work at your business.  The GDN represents over 2 million websites and applications that have signed up to show banner ads. Where the Google Search Network shows your ads on the SERPs to people who search Google for specific solutions, the Google Display Network shows ads to people browsing specific websites. 

Reach more internet users, including those that don’t use Google Search

Leverage the Google Display Network’s Wide Reach

The GDN widens your audience to people who would never have made a Google search. These are potential prospects you could miss out on if you only used the Google Search Network for your ad delivery. 

When you add app users and the traffic that’s referred to the websites on the Google Display Networks by the search engine, your potential audience grows to 90% of all internet users. In terms of reach, that is unrivaled. 

Its massive scale aside, the Google Display Network allows you to connect with the most engaged prospects by showing your ads on sites that publish content that’s relevant to your most ideal customers.  

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Conversion-Focused Google Display Ads Management

Do you think the Google Display Network could be a fit for your business? 

Let’s have a consultation call to discuss that. Our Google Ads team has special experience to determine the best forms of internet advertising channels that are the best fit for your business. Most Importantly, Pollysys has the talent to help you make the most of your advertising spend on the Google Display Network. From competitive research, keyword discovery, ad copywriting and design, to campaign tracking and optimization, we can do it all under one roof.