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Google Penalty Assessment

Correct Your Transgressions, Recover Your Rankings And Traffic

Knowing why Google is unhappy with your site is the first step to recovering your rankings and traffic

How To Recover From A Google Penalty

Imagine enjoying daily website traffic in the 1,000’s one day and waking up to a tiny trickle of visitors to pages with the worst conversion rates because you lost your rankings overnight! 

That is a digital marketing nightmare of the levels of the 1929 stock market crash. If you rely on search engines to send you traffic and sales, a Google penalty can wipe your rankings and devastate your business. Without the right guidance, recovering your rankings and traffic can be a long, expensive, and thoroughly frustrating exercise. 

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My traffic has suddenly disappeared. Looks like Google has blacklisted my website

Why Would Google Penalize My Website? 

In our perpetual pursuit of rankings and traffic, we often use SEO tricks that go against Google’s mission to serve its users with relevant information. It could be directing users to a webpage they don’t want to go to or stuffing your page with too many keywords to boost rankings.  

Google wants to protect the integrity of its search results and will penalize your website for any shady practices. Some of these penalties are manually effected. But most are automatic, meaning the search engine’s algorithm has filters that catch and penalize specific malpractices by webmasters.  

We Will Help You Recover Your Lost Rankings And Traffic

The process for assessing Google penalties and repairing ruined rankings is technical, laborious, and tedious. The tasks involved will quickly overwhelm an unskilled and inexperienced webmaster.

There may even be a need to build new, good links to recover your rankings.  

 Let our technical SEO team do the grunt work for you. They have the skills and tools for the job, which we have tested many times through similar work for other clients.