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Social media ad spend topped $89 billion in 2019. Ad spend on the social web is expected to break the previously unthinkable $100 billion mark. The reason why businesses are committing so much money to social media advertising is it is just so damn effective.

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Traditional forms of advertising, like billboards and newspaper ads, have one major weakness. You just do not know who will read or watch your ads. Social media ads solve this headache exceptionally well. 

Take Facebook Ads’ targeting features, for example. The giant social network uses its treasure trove of user data to learn in minute detail what topics your target consumer cares about, the products they have researched, and the ads they have viewed before to establish who is most likely to find your ads interesting. 

Using its advanced targeting tools, Facebook can target an exact audience. Once a prospect clicks your ad, Facebook can also track them through to your website. The tracking code will give you even more data with which to understand prospects’ readiness for purchase so you can nurture them accordingly. 

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