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Website Maintenance Services

A slow-to-load, glitchy website will hurt your business’ online reputation

Every website visitor is a potential lead or customer. Make sure your website is always ready to receive and serve them’

Why Website Maintenance Is Critical For Digital Marketing Success

In the same way that an inaccessible, poorly-lit physical business premise with no visitor parking, unmanned reception area, and broken furniture turns away potential clients, a poorly maintained website is bad for business.  

Website maintenance is crucial for optimizing the visitor experience and protecting the integrity of your business.  

A website maintenance technician assesses a client website

Your website maybe poorly maintained if your traffic bounce rate is high

What Professional Website Maintenance Services Do for Your Business

Keeping your website well-maintained shows you care about the experience visitors have on your website. More importantly, it has a ton of benefits for SEO. At Pollysys, we take website maintenance seriously. We know you can’t succeed with digital marketing if your website is a pain to use.  

Safeguard User Data 

A poorly maintained site is a prime target for hackers. By neglecting your website maintenance, you lose pace with software patches and security updates, especially if you use a CMS like WordPress where your site’s functionality depends on third-party plugins. 

Maintain your Google rankings 

Slow loading sites, itself a consequence of poor website maintenance, are a kiss of death on the internet. Not only do they discourage traffic, which you work hard to attract, they can also hurt your rankings on Google. Duplicate content is even worse as it can your site penalized by Google. 

Boost your online visibility and brand awareness 

If your site ranks for your target keywords because its pages load fast, the content is up-to-date, and the content is well organized, traffic to your pages increases. So does the time people spend on your website. That boosts your visibility online, makes more aware of your brand and products, and ultimately boosts your sales.