How Keywords Play an Essential Role in SEO?

Keywords are the foundation of a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. They act as the bedrock for your website ranking.

When you search on the internet, you must be surprised by the suggestions you see.

For instance, you were searching ‘how to__’ and there were many suggestions shown under it such as ‘earn money online’, ‘lose weight’, ‘bake a cake at home’, ‘learn guitar’, and whatnot!

These are keywords. It can be words or phrases used for finding relevant content online.

The better you are with fitting keywords that users mostly search for, the more excellent your website will gain in visitors, visibility and conversions.

Why Keywords Are Important for SEO?

Do keywords even matter to SEO ranking?

A short Answer: Absolutely!

You cannot be confident about the SEO until you are good with keyword research and its ideal utilization even if you are proudly done with: =

✔ Designing an interactive website ✔ Posting tonnes of content ✔ Optimizing search intent ✔ Adding banner and paid ads only and ✔ Writing attractive metadata

All above mentioned optimization practices can go into vain if the content lack keyword relevancy. And therefore, it is inevitably important to prioritize keywords for improving SEO.

Keywords are important for:

  • Content relevancy
  • SEO ranking
  • Impressing Google Algorithms
  • Knowing users’ intent
  • Beating competitor edge in the industry
  • Posts authenticity and a well- structured content

By strategically incorporating keywords into your research plan, you can drive ultimate traffic on any platform. An SEO expert knows how to boost credibility and growth practical strategies.

You can find the best SEO services and consultants after a bit of research online.

Know How Keywords Double the SEO Value

Why is everyone talking about working on keyword strategies? Using the best keyword researching tools?

From now on, you will also become a potential fan of keywords!


Let’s have a look:

Relevant keywords make content exploration easier for Internet users

Content, whether a blog post, page title, main-page content, copywriting, pay-per-click advertisement, subheadings or image Alt tags – Keywords surely dictate the future of your business’s SEO.

As Google crawls over every word posted, it gives importance to the content based on what users usually look for. It brings content relevancy and therefore helps in showing on the Search Engine Ranking Page.

SEO keywords amplify organic traffic for your website

When you use keywords ideally and with accountability that includes no keyword stuffing and duplicity – It automatically calls the organic traffic.

It is a free SEO strategy when good and relevant keywords are fitted into the content wisely. When there is a ranking keyword, Google’s AI bot highlights it and shows the particular section to the users.

Good Keywords are clues for what people are searching for

With the methods of the best keyword research, when experts find their targeting, popular, high traffic and high-volume keywords – they become aware of what the world must be looking for in this topic.

It helps marketers to create more content based on the suggestions and to design more keywords that closely connect those phrases and words. This acts as the smart step for content strategy and also as the best SEO tool.

Right placement of keywords signals structured content that improves SEO

You know the importance of keywords for SEO improvement but are unaware of using keywords. No use! Consciously using popular and relevant keywords in the right place increase the content value.

Google Values it a lot. You can use keywords as follows:

  • Directly in Main Title, Front Page, Subheadings, Meta Data
  • By decoding a keyword with a synonym and a new key-phrase
  • By using unbranded keyword lines
  • By using branded keywords

Wait, what are branded and non-branded keywords?

Branded and Unbranded Keywords!

Branded keywords are words and phrases that contain your brand’s name.

They aim to attract customers who are already familiar with your brand and are close to making a purchase decision.

For example: Adding ‘Your Brand Name’ into a content directly.

Non-branded keywords, on the other hand, are words or phrases that do not include your brand name.

They are used to reach new customers who might be searching for products or services like yours but are not aware of your brand yet.

For example: Mentioning services your business offers and branding your products indirectly.

Categories of Keywords: Two Main Types of SEO Keywords

Keywords are categorized into two main types:

Short and Long Keywords

  1. Short keywords: usually have one or two words in length. And it is often searched by millions of users every day. It does not indicate a specific thing and might cover various diverse objects and topics.

For example:

Digital Marketing, Women tops

  1. Long Keywords: on the other side, are words that people search with three too many words with specific intent. It points to the precision and clarity of the search a user wants to see.

For example:

Digital Marketing experts in London, Women’s tops in blue colour with size XL

How Short and Long Tail Keywords Impact SEO Ranking?

Understand this by the table given below.

Differentiate between short and long keywords:  

Name Short Keywords Long Keywords
No. of words One to two Three and more
Ranking Competition High Low
Conversion Possibility Low High
Search Volume High Low
Intent Not clear/ Multiple Clear/ Single Intent

From the given table, it is clear that the popularity of short keywords is higher; however, long keywords are hidden gems.

  • They are more specific key phrases and are likely to get conversions.
  • Long-tail keywords may have less traffic and search volume, but they drive a dedicated audience to the pages.
  • Using long keywords smartly can be a great SEO tactic for your business.

Grow your Business with SEO Experts and Content Strategists

Finding the right SEO expert and strategist is like finding the product for your business.

Sometimes you have thousands of blogs and content posted, but it still remains uncounted by Google. Create the brand value and the content that leaves an impact.

Pollysys can make it possible with the best SEO techniques. Our team help you get on the right track to achieve your brand goals smartly. We have expertise with over a decade of experience in digital marketing.

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The Final Note

Keywords define the ideas on what the topic is about. They are win-win for both audience and marketers.

An excellent SEO keyword strategy directs the audience to find the desired data easily while marketers, bloggers, business people and dedicated companies can know what users are looking for on search engines.

Make your better chance for ranking with SEO Solutions. Find yourself the best people who are familiar with the qualified and professional methods of keywords best use.

Pollysys has helped thousands of its clients with SEO marketing for attracting people with organic SEO.

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