How WhatsApp Business Application is useful for small businesses.

How WhatsApp Business Application is useful for small businesses

Social media is the ocean of opportunities for large and small business marketing.

People have realized the potential of online business and entrepreneurship.

WhatsApp is a proven platform to provide quick business messaging solutions between stakeholders and customers through Business WhatsApp.

Let us more in detail about it.

What is WhatsApp business?

WhatsApp for Business supports small enterprises and takes them to the next heights. It is a convenient and accessible platform for people who cannot use pricey business tools.

WhatsApp Business Application provides a range of features and tools to help businesses communicate with their customers and manage their business activities.

Simply put,

WhatsApp Business is a business-focused version of the WhatsApp messaging app,

designed to help businesses, customers, and your audience with automated responses.

WhatsApp launched this new application used in messaging for business. It is designed for customer engagement with small and medium brands.

What is a WhatsApp business account?

Your WhatsApp business profile is your business account on WhatsApp.

Over 3M people use this service at present.

A WhatsApp Business account helps in promoting and running a business, sharing your products, new-ins, offers and more.

It has many features and provides a platform for adding details.

name, category, description, contact details, and website.

to help customers easily find, identify and connect with your services.

In London, a business account is a popular tool for enhancing customer engagement with WhatsApp for UK businesses. People there believe that their Small businesses can achieve immersive growth with WhatsApp Business.

How to change WhatsApp to a business account?

Changing WhatsApp to a Business account is an easy task.

If you don’t want to install a different application, follow the given steps:

➤ Back up your WhatsApp personal account. Settings> Chat> Chat Backup.

➤ Now uninstall the application.

➤ Go to the Play Store or Apple Store to download WhatsApp Business.

➤ Now Deploy the application.

Note: If you are transferring your device, backup is a must while if you want to keep your personal account separate you can install a different business WhatsApp from a website or online store.

👉 Can I Use WhatsApp And WhatsApp Business On the Same Number?

Yes, You can. Follow the same steps mentioned earlier.

How to Set Up WhatsApp Business?

Many people plan to start a business but the majority of them never do. And the others, at some point wonder how to set up WhatsApp Business?

Setting up WhatsApp Business is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to get started:

1. Download and Installing WhatsApp Business

Depending on your device interface, download the compatible version of WhatsApp Business Application either from the Website, Google Play Store (on Android) or the Apple App Store (on iOS).

In case, you face any issues in downloading, check your internet connection and storage space. Other problems in downloading and installing the app can be sorted by discussing with customer services.

In contrast, you must have Installed the app on your device.

2. Verification of Your Device and WhatsApp Business Profile

Open WhatsApp Business. It is similar to a personal WhatsApp verification process. Agree to the terms and conditions.

👉 Can I Use WhatsApp And WhatsApp Business On the Same Number?

Verification of your phone number is done either by a call or an OTP.

Both Whatsapp and Business Whatsapp are two different applications. It is up to you if you want to use a different business number or keep using your personal one.

3. Business Profile Setup and Contacts Import

Your next step in WhatsApp business account setup is to out the following details correctly because your audience will know your business information, address and other details from here.

👉 Business name

👉 Business Category

👉 Business description

👉 Business address

👉 Business hours

👉 Email address

👉 Business Website

Now, allow the app to access your contacts. Now you can contact them, make a broadcast or a group.

4. Configure Messaging Tools for Impactful and Clear Interaction

WhatsApp Business features include various messaging tools, smart and quick replies, greeting messages, away messages, questions, quizzes, and more.

You can set up these customer communication tools at your convenience.

5. The last step – Customization If You Want

It depends on what changes you want to make to your WhatsApp business account. Go to settings to find various options such as such as notification settings, chat settings, and business tools.

6. Product Catalog Integration in WhatsApp Business

If you have products or services to showcase, you can create a product catalogue within WhatsApp Business. This makes it easier for customers to browse and inquire about your offerings.

Congratulations, You’ve successfully set up WhatsApp Business.

Start Interacting with Customers and build professional and lasting relations.  

How to set up a WhatsApp Business profile for my UK company

People do marketing with WhatsApp Business in the United Kingdom for customer communication and elevating small businesses particularly.
There is no hard and fast rule for business profile setup in the UK. Follow our guide shared in the previous section and fill in your UK business name, and address.

👉 On what other platform WhatsApp business can be operated?

WhatsApp business application tool can be operated in more than a single way:

  • Mobile phone app
  • Desktop Application
  • And WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Business is compatible with WhatsApp Web. To utilize WhatsApp Business on your desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings from your phone.
  2. Select Linked Devices
  3. Scan the QR code on your desktop screen using your phone

You are all set to use a WhatsApp account from the web as well.

How Does WhatsApp Business Work?

WhatsApp Business is similar to WhatsApp that you use for texting and face time with your friends and family even though it is meant to be used for business profile setup.

Once you set up a business account you will see many WhatsApp business features to make the entire thing work with full impact.

Useful WhatsApp Business Features Every Business Owner Must Know

Though these features are very common and known, many new users might be unaware of them.

We are here to teach every one of you how to best use these features:

Feature 1: WhatsApp ‘Business’ Profile

Your contacts will see if the account is personal or a business one. On the top of your profile under your name as shown below:


Feature 2: Instant Replies, Greetings and Go Away Messages

WhatsApp business messages answer common queries quickly to clients.

They send you greetings for introducing their business and when you place an order. Also, once the query is answered you will know if they are available or away.

Feature 3: Business Analytics and Updates

It helps you see how many messages you send, deliver, and read.

You can use this information to understand how often your customers respond, improve your quick message responses, and keep track of how your profile engages with them.

Feature 4: Product Catalog Integration

Once you set up your account for business, you can add product images, videos and infographics in the Product Catalog Option.

WhatsApp Business benefits for small UK businesses

WhatsApp Business Application has been created keeping small businesses in mind and allowing ventures to gather insight and react to their clients.

■    Free Service and Unlimited Interactions

Small businesses cannot afford expensive services and WhatsApp messaging solutions are wonderful startup platforms.

You can send messages for free, so you don’t have to pay anything and stress over financial issues.

■    End-to-end Encryption, Complete Security

There’s nothing to worry about security and leaking information.

The app makes sure your messages are super safe with a special kind of protection that third-party people can’t get into.

■    Sharing Transparent Business Information

If a small business can’t afford a website developer, you need not be worried!

With WhatsApp Business, you can share all the details about your company, including links to your social media, making it easy for people to get in touch with you.

It’s like having an online presence without the cost of a fancy website.

■    Easy and Safe Payments on WhatsApp Business

For payments, you don’t need to open other applications.

Whatsapp Business provide safe and quick options for transactions.

That is why small businesses can sell more and become successful.

■    Engaging Customer Communication

A WhatsApp chatbot is a wonderful feature where customers can send orders, you can send updates and answer queries of every client.

Orders can also be tracked from inbox.

Difference between Personal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business Application


Useful WhatsApp Business Tips for Small Enterprises Success 

To use WhatsApp for the best results, take care of some of the best practices.

  • Reply quickly, or within 24 hours if possible.
  • Take complete advantage of every message format to express your message and solve any query effectively.
  • Share clear pictures. Respond Precisely.
  • Post Regular Stories and Make a Broadcast for sharing personally.
  • Do not spam people else they will leave your groups.

Small business growth with WhatsApp Business in the UK
Starting a business in the United Kingdom with a WhatsApp business profile can be a game changer. It can generate leads and create a potential audience if this free service is implemented.

Many people use this application for customer targeting, running ads and campaigns, boosting sales, communicating with customers, and gathering insights for business changes.

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The Conclusion

WhatsApp Business is a strategic move towards growing your relationship with your audience. This vast platform supports direct marketing, good conversation and e-commerce integration for every sized business.

Small business growth with WhatsApp Business in the UK is a historic change people realized and which encouraged them to operate their services here with more training.

We ensure you have gained fruitful insights from the blog written and will try to use your best for services and growth.

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