Which language is used for iOS and Android app development?

iOS and Android are well-known operating systems with excellent usability, deployment, integration, and security. Many Android and iOS app development tools are used for making interactive applications and programs for mobile and web desktop solutions.

The apps that we all use, such as Twitter, Instagram, Amazon App Store, etc., are made using some excellent tools and technologies. They are divided into three types:

  • Native Apps
  • Hybrid Apps and
  • Web Apps

App development is a critical process for running native, web, and hybrid applications. The better the tool, best will be the app performance.

What are Native, Web, and Hybrid Apps?

What are Native, Web, and Hybrid Apps?

All three categories differ mainly in the way they operate.

Native Apps

Apps that are are mainly built to perform a dedicated operating system for a specific task. They are designed using the SDK of the operating system to match the features and functionalities of the device.

For instance, to develop an iOS application, the native app will be based on Swift and Objective C, while to develop an app for Android, Java will be used to write the code.

Web Apps

They are the websites with interactive app-like features similar to mobile applications and can be operated on multiple web browsers. Users don’t need to install it on their devices, and also they do not take storage.

Zoom, Amazon, Pinterest, Chrome, WhatsApp, and Google Docs are some examples of Web-based applications.

Hybrid Apps

The applications with features of both native and web-based apps are hybrid apps, you can use them from the browser and after installing them from the play store. They are more quickly and easily developed than native apps.

For an example: Uber, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Let us read about the various platforms used for app development on iOS & Android!

Common Codebases for iOS and Android development:

React Native

What if you can code high-functionality programs and software using a single language for Android and iOS? React native is precisely what we just said. It removes the requirement to go from language to language and helps users develop multiple JavaScript apps.

  • Develop an app in react native to deploy on both Apple and Android mobile phones.
  • Budget-friendly and have a low maintenance cost
  • All popular social platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Skype are built on them.
  • Write neat codes in the least time.

Flutter App Development

Introducing you the single platform to create beautiful and high-quality applications for Android and iOS systems, Flutter is an open-source framework used to develop apps by compiling Intel machine code and JavaScript to give an extraordinary performance.

  • It gives freedom to write programs for variable screen sizes, mobiles, desktop apps, embedded devices, etc.
  • Supervise coders smartly by taking workflow independently, perform automated corrections and tests.
  • Optimizes the app development process swiftly with its speed, & security.

Ionic Mobile App Development Tool

The ionic framework is a cost-efficient and fast hybrid app development tool with multiple functionalities and a well-documentation structure. The ionic UI allows every user to customize themes and essential components to make robust hybrid applications with

  • Users with a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript can work with it.
  • It uses familiar libraries to produce progressive web/desktop/mobile-friendly apps.
  • Standard web technologies are enough to learn the Ionic app development tool.

What are iOS apps?

iOS applications are developed to operate on Apple’s operating system. All the apps installed on iPad, MAC, and iPhone are provided by iOS app development.

  • App development for iOS is done with two main languages: Objective-C and Swift
  • Each developed app has a unique objective.
  • App on iOS can be entirely free and paid.
  • Once developed, they are tested and then deployed on the official website and Apple stores for user installation.

How are IOS Apps developed?

Some specific tools, IDEs, editors, and compilers are used to make well-executed apps. However, only some high-performance and secure software cut the competition market and global privilege.

There are tons of tools for ios app development, you may need time to learn each one.

Best iOS App development tools

Know the famous and important platforms for iOS app development.


Swift is a powerful, feature-rich, easy-to-learn, and clean-coding language designed mainly to write iOS development applications.

It also supports programs for Windows and Linux. It writes flexible and reusable codes with complete safety.


  • Most safe Cross-platform for apple app designing
  • Effectively handle error and failure
  • Advance level packages, control flow, and libraries


Objective-C has an object-oriented structure and syntax, which is reliable for developers with a background in programming C.

It supports abstraction, polymorphism, exceptional handling, inheritance, and data handling.


  • Customize classes and objects, and simplify the tasks.
  • Provides language-level support until runtime.


Fabric is an advanced-level, lightweight, and standard iOS app development tool. It contains various kits and SDKs to develop applications for multiple marketing and advertising purposes.


  • Great for hassle-free testing
  • Automates the development with up-to-date features
  • Results in creating ultra-performance apps


Xcode is an app iOS development tool for coding, compiling, debugging, and testing the application workflow.

Officially designed by Apple, the platform is the fastest tool for building macOS, watchOS, iPadOS, etc., supported by the latest SDKs.


  • Supports Swift, Objective-C, C, and C++ application codes
  • Best IDE, Editor, and compiler for fast development


CodeRunner is another excellent Android and iOS app development editor and is sometimes used as an alternative to Xcode. Startups and freelance businesses are ideal fits for creating advanced applications.


  • Smart Error check and testing
  • CodeRunner is Affordable
  • Supports 50+ languages & Lightweight


AppCode generates high-quality iOS applications and is developers’ favorite ios app development IDE.

It helps to write quick, error-free neat codes, analyze the program quality, and highlight the required corrections.


  • AppCode has innovative built-in tools for testing, database support, debugging, and integrations.
  • Supports Shell Script, Swift, C++, Objective-C, Java, etc.

Key Benefits of iOS App development

  • iOS applications are highly secure due to various security measures
  • Gives greater revenue on reasonable investment cost
  • Flawless performance and satisfied user experience
  • Provides a quality and elegant user interface

What are Android Apps?

The applications made to run on android devices are called ‘Android Apps.’ For instance, Android Compass, GPS System, Clocks, Android TV, Movies and Music, Android Games, etc.

  • Android app development is generally done in Java programming language.
  • Google Android is an open-source, widely used operating system that holds around 80% of the market shares.
  • Designed by Linux kernel to communicate hardware and software on desktop solutions such as mobile phones and tablets.
  • Though a majority of the significant applications in an Android device are pre-installed, users can get others from Google Play Store.

Further, we have listed the premier platforms used to develop android applications. Here we go!

How are Android apps developed?

Android is already spreading its wings over the globe. Can you believe there are about 3 million Android applications uploaded to Google Play Store?

Wondering how Android applications are developed?

Mainly Java and Kotlin are used to write Android applications. Read the editors, IDEs, and platforms you can securely use as android app development IDEs.

Best Android App development tools

Enjoy working with the given easy-to-code tools:

Android Studio

Android Studio is an official and open-source prominent tool for Android app designing. This IDE is supported by Google and trusted by thousands of users globally.


  • Fast-paced development
  • Quick Iteration and High Quality
  • Robust Platform


GitHub is a cloud-based repository used mainly by developers for code collaboration and storing repositories for public access.

It helps build robust android app codes and supports APK publishing.


  • User-friendly and easy to use, even for beginners
  • Track the vulnerabilities and errors simultaneously
  • Great for working in teams
  • Automated CI/CD Testing


Wireshark is an advance level tool used for Android app development and has the preliminary work to analyze traffic and packets comprehensively.

The platform can run on multiple operating systems, from Windows to any other you can think of.


  • Perform live and offline data inspection
  • Wireshark gives true accuracy

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is an android programming environment and an alternative to Android Studio. The platform supports languages like Java, Kotlin, Scala, JavaScript, TypeScript, and SQL with its innovative coding features.


  • Supports multiple language injection
  • Integrated software testing and tools
  • Cross-platform


Eclipse is a high-performing and well-known IDE for developing android applications. It requires much RAM space and works relatively fast and steadily with languages like Java, C, C++, Perl, and many others.


  • Eclipse provides an excellent GUI for android apps
  • Offers to write error-free, clean codes
  • Supports multiple programming languages

GameMaker: Studio

GameMaker Studio is best for users looking to develop Android game apps and is an ideal platform for the novice who wants to make 2D games. However, it is used by professionals to create games for distinctive platforms.


  • Easy to use drag and drop features
  • Beautiful and interactive UI
  • Versatile Editors for adding gaming elements

Key Benefits of using Android Applications

  • Google’s Android is dominating mobile platforms more than ever;
  • A well-developed and deployed Android application will generate higher returns.
  • The good Security level of an android app makes it trustworthy
  • Provides flexibility and customization according to different users
  • Continuously growing and evolving with innovation.

iOS vs. Android

iOS vs android

We have talked about popular tools to develop Android and ios apps in previous sections, and now the foremost question can be: what to choose between ios and Android apps?

Let us walk you through more content based on the Android ios designing process. It will undoubtedly help you choose to fit your needs.

Name iOS Android
Programming Languages iOS app development for windows, tablets, and mobile is written in Swift and Objective-C languages.  Java is the primary language used to code android apps. Kotlin is another main language used for android development.
Complexity Though Swift and Objective-C are simple and generate quick codes, they can be more challenging for beginners. Java and Kotlin are easy to learn and understand. Many people are already aware of how Java works.
Development Period It takes the least time to develop and deploy as the application are meant to be used only by standardized Apple hardware. It has to be designed according to the requirements of many screen styles and OS versions and therefore is time-consuming.
IDEs and Editors  Xcode, Fabric, and CodeRunner, are decent code editor platforms for iOS app development. Android Studio, Eclipse, and Github are widely used for this purpose.
Total Cost The total cost of developing an iOS app depends on many factors and is overall less than that of an android. The Android app design includes many stages and therefore costs much more than iOS.
Security and Privacy iOS apps are highly secure and shield privacy. Not very secured
Speed It runs ultra-fast and operates quickly, and is worth every penny. It can be slow depending on the different mobile phone and desktop solutions.

The Conclusion

The listed android/ iOS development tools enable users to design highly robust, reliable, secure, and flexible applications for Android and Apple platforms.

Developing iOS and Android applications is not complex; you need the right skills and the needs to match the development environment.

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