How does Adding videos on the website help you get more user engagement?

How does Adding videos on the website help you get more user engagement

It is not a secret that video content has seen a meteoric hike in popularity.

And this rise is just the start of a new era.

And the numbers concerning referring to the videos compared to the text-based content make no less than a wonder.

So, does this number really impact the business’s lead conversion to clientele?

Or is it just hearsay?

Get acquainted with everything you need to know about the video addition to the websites and their associated benefits.

Why should one choose to add videos to the website?

Why should one choose to add videos to the website?

Choosing to add a video on the website has not been very common but is essential at the same time.

Well, videos have a lot more to say about your brand, product and services.

People love to see videos, especially when they are entertaining or informational.

Adding them along with the content on the website means that the visitors will space more time on the website.

Adding videos to the website enhances user engagement while decreasing bounce rates.

Firstly, it needs to be understood how do the customers absorb the content?

Do they read it word to word?

Or just skim and scan it?

How much average time does a customer spend on the blog post?

Well, undoubtedly pretty complicated to understand and figure out with the opinions of a few!

But effective video content helps break up the text in the blog.

Getting attention is becoming shorter, and the beginning 10 seconds are crucial to mark the value of the remaining sections.

But this is your time when you can actually create the impact.

Let us dig into the importance of choosing videos content for your website and later getting familiar with the information concerning it.

  • Videos are an excellent way to share the brand story.

People require information to make an informed decision.

Videos engage people with the brand stories so that even viewers can imagine themselves and explore the services and products’ benefits offered by you.

  • Videos help people to get to know you and trust you at the same time.

Videos not only let you share the services or products but also enables you to showcase your personality.

Make sure you take this opportunity seriously and proceed with it the way it intends.

  • Videos are quick and convenient.

To be very honest, nobody has much time to read it all on the websites and even online.

People often look for ways that are actually to the point and worth listening to.

Time is precious, so the videos need to be generated so that it quickly grasps the user’s attention.

  • Videos keep the audience interested.

Videos provide the power to show off the services and products effectively in a shorter time duration.

This is an excellent opportunity to make something great and eye captivating to make the audience stay on the website for longer.

  • Videos keep people on your website for a longer time and even let them explore the website more.

Informative and short videos keep people engaged with the content for a longer time as compared to the pictures and texts.

In fact, you will be astonished to know that people stay 60% longer on the websites with videos than the websites with graphics and text only.

  • Video gets more engagement and exposure.

If you have landed on websites, rather than just going through the content only, you might have noticed a video content within just 10 seconds.

And if yes, then chances are there that rather than just reading the content, simply watching a visual will be a more easier way to get familiar.

  • It is growing popular across all channels.

If you are an active user of various platforms, you might have noticed that all the platforms focus on short videos.

Everything is associated with videos, whether it is about creating user engaging content or making familiar with brands or any other offers.

Becoming a popular way on all platforms, how can it lack in bringing the benefits to your platform?

  • It is a powerful sales tool.

If you are a business person, this will probably answer your doubts clearly.

It is said that a picture can tell a thousand words. Well, if so, then a video can tell at least a million.

Pretty colossal number, right?

But that’s true!

It is beneficial in boosting sales, and out of 100%, 66% of users prefer watching videos to buy a product or acquire services.

In short, video content addition is alluring and eye-catching.

A perfect way to entice the visitors!

Not only this, but it has the power to:

  • Increase the website traffic
  • Engage visitors
  • Bump up the conversions
  • Keep people on the sites
  • Enhances the search rankings

Unique ways businesses can use videos to engage audiences.

  • Engaging category influencers

Customers love videos as long as they are entertaining or informative.

Engage the category influencers and create brand-based videos with production values.

  • Go for a hot and trending topic.

Identify an opportunity to trend hot topics that can engage the audience in the content.

Create a spot with the same situation and tell a story about what may happen next.

Well, do not forget to keep it relevant and straightforward.

  • Do not be afraid to get personal.

Grab the audience’s attraction with an offer or highlighted image to catch their eye.

Once you have grabbed the attention, make the beginning a few seconds worth watching.

This may include the positive impacts that your services may offer them.

And the best part is you can do it emotionally and concisely.

Well, services hit separately when they are personally connected.

Use the positive or emotional connection to build a bond with the targeted audience.

  • Target a search query

The business-associated search queries are ample that can be simply targeted to attract the audience.

Especially the “HOW-TO” questions.

People often search for the questions and look for the answers not only on one platform but on many.

Well, it is always good to answer those queries using short videos that may help them understand the logic behind them.

But not a long video may help with this.

As an engaging and short video may be the right pitching to hit the targeted audience.

  • Stand out with personalised video content.

Personalised videos are the best to connect and stand out simultaneously.

When the customers find their name or the brand name in the video thumbnail, they are more likely to click on it.

  • Choose animations

Animations are indeed an excellent way to create impact.

You can choose to use the animation video to communicate better rather than just selecting a talking head.

Not only this, but animations prove themselves to be the best than other styles because

  • It has the ability to create a scene that suits the message
  • It offers the flexibility to add transition slides and captions
  • It provides the creative freedom to hit the point directly.
  • And most importantly, it enables businesses to feature the brand attributes to support the message they wanna convey.
  • Convert case studies to videos content

Gone are the days when only case studies could share the business’s experience.

It is still crucial to build trust and gain the business to business clients’ interest.

But does that apply to the audience as well?

Well, the same concept may not work with the clients, and attracting them is an entirely different scenario.

The formal case studies may not impact the target audience the same way as video content does.

Turn the case studies into video content like video testimonials and compelling storytelling, and client interviews.

  • Ensure to offer value

Video content must include the offer giving the viewers the real value.

Do not push the videos about the excellent services or products.

Focus on creating authentic videos where you offer the takeaways, insights, and action items.

Ensure that the offer is clear to the audience only in the first five seconds.

  • Focus on the story, not on the selling

Nobody is interested in the pushed selling ways that forcibly push the audience to grab the services.

Sales pitching is not at all engaging.

Instead, it may take away the interest of the clients.

Hook first with storytelling.

Just give a hint of selling the same.

A little extra care to pitch it the right way.

  • Go for a weekly live-streamed podcast.

Setting up a live streaming studio and in-house podcast is an inexpensive way that allows brands to engage their audience.

It can cover a wide range of topics, including industry insights, news, and interviews with the industry’s happy clients or leaders.

But before moving further, it is essential to understand the difference between a podcast and video content!

Difference between video content and podcast

Difference between video content and podcast

The primary difference between video content and podcast is that

Podcasts are audio programs that are recorded on any audio recording device.

On the contrary, videos are the visual and audio recordings that are recorded on phones, web cameras, and phones.

In short, the podcast is a regular audio program delivered in a compressed digital format, whereas video content goes beyond including the videos.

Best practices for using videos on the website

There are several ways you can choose about adding a video to the website.

But the exact process for adding videos differs depending on the services you have used to host or design the website.

Having videos on the website won’t help at all if the practices are not followed well!

However, the expectations to attain the heights require looking at several practices. This may include:

  • Focusing on quality
  • Paying attention to the video placement
  • Building for accessibility
  • Go short
  • Choosing an eye-appealing thumbnail
  • Keep load time fast
  • Be responsive
  • Ask a question

Where can the videos on websites be used?

Videos can go everywhere and anywhere on the website.

This may include

  • Homepage videos
  • Service or product page videos
  • Landing page videos
  • About Page videos
  • Blog videos
  • Customer Story videos
  • Support portal or how-to videos
  • Careers page video

Can I use YouTube videos on my website?

Yes, you can also use your YouTube videos on the website. Since YouTube is the second most used search engine, it is completely beneficial to use the platform for the videos.

Not only the benefits, but this platform also enables the users with a higher degree of functionality and control.

What type of videos should be made?

What type of videos should be made

Videos are a versatile medium to make the audience engaged in your content.

And the best part is that it can be used in diversified ways to delight customers.

Wondering what ways can be adopted to get a better customer engagement?

Well, here are a few types that can make your audience feel welcome.

  1. Welcome Video

Whether you have a product, service, or an application or software associated business, it is always great to greet the new users with an engaging welcoming video.

Instead of going so in-depth, choose to use the short video that makes the audience interested in listening to it till the end.

Well, in other words, think of taking it as an opportunity to tell your audience and client who exactly you are and what your business is all about.

  1. Services and Products

Advertisements are indeed a part of life.

You must have seen ample commercials while watching your favourite shows and even knowledgeable videos.

Ever thought about why these commercials are just shown in between?

This might be done with the hope of redirecting to their services or products.

Indeed these commercials are costly, making it not everyone’s cup of tea.

But at least you can get it on your website right.

Well, video engagement provides the details to the consumers in a better manner that probably the other ways may not be able to do.

  1. Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth works everywhere.

And people tend to believe more than what they get to hear.

So does that mean everything you hear is true?

Well, no, in the digital media world, customers tend to listen to the other customers’ views about the services they have acquired from the company.

This marks a considerable role in attracting customers to the products and services.

Obviously, people will be sceptical about the services, but a customer’s testimonial can help overcome that.

  1. Instructional videos

Nobody reads the long instruction manuals.

And that is what YouTube’s tutorial section says!

Obviously, who wants to read a long manual and then perform the steps?

After all, when you can easily see and perform.

Well, an instructional or tutorial video can bring the audience to your platform.

Things to avoid while making a video for the website

Obviously, when there are ample advantages of adding videos to the websites that can be seen clearly, there must be a few things to avoid when sharing one.

The primary goal is to create engaging content, and these avoidance tricks can help get a better reach.

This includes

  • Keep the messages short and simple.
  • Do not bore the audience
  • Do not over-promote the business
  • Shoot with a script

Get help adding videos to the websites.

Since videos are more exciting ways to engage the audience, it is still not everyone’s cup of tea.

Well, yes, it actually requires adequate expertise to reach the target audience the way it should.

Probably after reading all this, you might think of adding videos on your own?

But will the impact be the same way that it should?

Or you may miss out on something essential?

Well, in such a case, getting professional help can be the reliable way to get it all done.

Benefits of using video content on websites

  • Quickly delivers the message
  • Engages the website visitors effectively
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Be entertaining
  • It gives a unique personality to the company
  • Strengthens the bond with the visitors
  • Boosts the reach
  • It makes you stand out from the competition
  • Encourages regular visits to the website
  • It makes your platform “BE REMEMBERED.”
  • Users can follow along
  • Video content hits all of the senses
  • Improves the rank on search engine result pages


Along with the engaging content and video addition, businesses need to choose the ways that don’t slow down the performance of their websites.

Well, obviously, a professional is required to get a feasible solution to it, but yes, adding video to a website doesn’t make it heavy, and speed also doesn’t get affected.

So, where should you start?

Starting the journey of adding videos to the websites requires expertise.

But what is essential here is where exactly to start?

Well, a simple solution here is counting on the best, and they’ll handle the rest!

Pollysys will help you with the following!

Understanding the audience

Who exactly is the target audience?

What do they want, and what should you include in your video?

How will this video help the targeted audience?

You will get help in identifying it all, focusing on a better reach.

Making videos stand up with eye-appealing titles and thumbnails.

It is said that beautiful and straightforward thumbnails can enhance user engagement by 154%.

Whether it is about posting the videos on the video-sharing platforms or any other, the first thing that users actually see is the thumbnail.

So, it is worth putting effort in creating an eye-catchy yet unique thumbnail.

And do you think it’s over?

Well, not really.

Pollysys facilitates hooking up the audience with engaging video content and adding various ways to attract traffic.

Get in touch now to acquire it all!

Bottom Line!

Boosting the user engagement for the websites can be an arduous process.

But adding the video to the websites can be an exciting yet rewarding one only if done right!

Not sure how?

Get in touch with the technical experts and drop the worries about your website and its affecting performance due to wrong video uploads.

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