What are Google Ads?

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads, earlier known as Google AdWords, is an online advertising platform developed by Google.

It allows businesses and advertisers to create and run ads on Google’s search engine and other Google-affiliated network, including YouTube, Google Maps, and various websites within the Google Display Network.

Google Ads is a PPC (Pay per Click) operated model helping businesses reach their target audience and promote their products or services effectively.

Many questions popping up? How Google Ads work? Benefits? Best ways to use Google Ads? Tips/checklist that make you save more using Google Ads.

Why wait? Let’s dive in and learn more about Google Ads and answer all your questions.

Google Ads Explained with an Example

Let’s start from the beginning.

The crust of every Google Ad comes from the search query.

A user comes to Google to search for their pain point (or a solution to their problem). The words it uses to make a search query are known as keywords.

The user gets greeted with a list of relevant organic results BUT before showing the organic results, Google displays paid Ads. These are called Google Ads.

So, when someone searches for a keyword that you’re bidding on, your ad may appear at the top of the SERPs. The key is, you only pay when a click happens on your ad.

This helps controlling your advertising budget. Isn’t it?

For example: You’re looking for “New Build Construction Company UK”.

Here’s a snapshot of the same.

New Build Construction Company UK

Google shows paid links before the Organic Links. You can easily see the word “Sponsored” before the ads that are run by Google.

SEO or PPC or Both. Confused?

Let’s discuss it.

Do you really Need Google Ads for your business or SEO is enough?

This question runs in mind of every business professional that why you need SEO or PPC when individually can achieve superior results.

SEO undeniably offers permanent and unmatched results for sure. SEO is a must for every business.

But you need time, effort, high quality results and patience to get with desired results.

On the contrary, Ads give instant and relevant results but costs a bit high on the pocket.

Whether a business needs Google Ads or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) depends on its specific goals, budget, target audience, and overall marketing strategy.

Both Google Ads and SEO are valuable tools that can complement each other, but they serve different purposes and have distinct advantages. Here’s a breakdown of the considerations for each:

Google Ads SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Immediate Results and Accelerate your ranking by showing you over Organic Hits Sustainable Organic Traffic
Highly Targeted Reach Credibility and Trust
Full Control over Ad Content Cost-Effective in the Long Run
Flexibility in Budget Allocation Comprehensive Website Optimization

Benefits of Google Ads for your Business

So, when exactly you need to invest in Google Ads. It’s when your main objective is to drive immediate results irrespective of the ranking.

Google Ads benefit the Business by:

Increasing Brand Awareness: 

Boost your business’s brand awareness and visibility by getting your business name and logo in front of more people.

Driving Traffic to your Website: 

Drive traffic to your website by showing Google ads to people who are searching for products/services like yours.

Generating Leads: 

Google Ads help generate leads by providing a call to action on your ads, such as “Learn more” or “Contact us.”

Making Sale Conversions: 

Google Ads help make sale conversions by redirecting people to your website or landing page where they can purchase your products or services.

Killer Tips that’ll help you save more and reach better in Google Ads

Here are some most amazing and untold Google Ads tips and hacks that’ll help you save more on your budget as well as offer you a better and more exact reach.

Let’s take an example of a business that is planning a Google Ad for selling “high heel shoes”.

1. Use Cards for Payments

Use credit cards or cards such as Miles, Visa etc you’ll get a lot of discounts and point benefits from them. Infact, you can even earn yourself an air ticket or even free lounge access.

2. Keyword Research and Negative Keywords: 

Identify relevant keywords like “high heel shoes,” “stiletto heels,” and use negative keywords like “flat shoes” or “amazon” to exclude irrelevant searches.

Try to aim for long tail keywords as this will maximise the chances of Ad clicking and converting.

“Buy High heel shoes” would have more prominence than “high heel shoes”.

Similarly: “Buy high heel shoes black” would have more chances of conversion than only “high heel shoes”.

Look for relevant keywords.

3. Quality Score Improvement: 

Ensure the ad copy, landing page, and user experience align with “high heel shoes” or whatever keyword you choose to improve the Quality Score and lower the cost per click.

Higher the click through rate, lower gets your bid. Thus, making you save more.

4. Eye catching Ad Extensions: 

Use sitelinks to showcase “Free Shipping” and “New Arrivals,” enhancing the ad’s visibility and value proposition.

100%, FREE, #1, best etc are some words that are highly eye-catching. Using them would mean sure shot click and conversion.

5. Ad Scheduling & Geotargeting: 

Analyse data to find peak shopping hours for your targeted keywords then schedule ads to display during those times. Check when you audience is active mostly.

Target ads to cities where demand for high heel shoes is high to avoid wasting budget on less relevant locations.

6. Regular Monitoring and Optimization: 

Continuously review ad performance, pause low-performing keywords, and reallocate budget to top-selling styles.

7. Split Testing: 

Test different ad copies, such as highlighting discounts or emphasizing comfort or highlighting why you are the best, to see which resonates best with customers. 

Bottom Line

Google Ads is a powerful tool that empowers businesses to navigate the competitive digital landscape and allow connecting with potential customers in a meaningful and impactful way.

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