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The money is in the list

Are You Using Email to Its Fullest Marketing Potential?

High-Converting Email Marketing Campaign Management

Email is by far the most effective tool to connect with customers, nurture prospects, and to promote your products and services. It is the foundation upon which permission marketing is built. 

A prospect that has willingly handed you their email address has granted you access to a gated space and permission to market to them. As long as you don’t spam them and abuse their email, you have their attention. Unlike other forms of promotion, with email marketing, you are positively certain that you are promoting your products to an interested lead that expects to receive marketing messages from you. 

Is your business taking advantage of the lead nurturing opportunities that email marketing presents? 

Email Marketing Campaign

Don’t Leave Money On The Table With Your Email Marketing

Professional Email Marketing Campaign Management

A disused email list bought from businesses that have failed with their email campaigns is no good for your business.   

Not only is it shady and illegal to send business solicitation emails to people who have not consensually given you their contact information, but it also does not bring sustainable results. If that list had any value, they would not sell it to you. 

Pollysys is a provider of transparent and professionally executed email marketing campaign management services. We want to help you use email marketing effectively and legally to nurture leads and generate sales.

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A Full-Service Email Marketing Services Provider

Email Marketing Services

At Pollysys, we believe in following a clearly defined process for every service we offer. With email marketing, we are not about frantically collecting emails and then laying siege on prospects’ inboxes, sending daily promotional emails. That is why people unsubscribe to email lists. 

We first analyze your business against your stated goals and the competitive environment to establish realistic expectations. After we have enough emails, we carefully segment the list into baskets defined by prospects’ readiness for purchase.  

Following that, we map a mail delivery schedule and design a template that aligns with your overall brand strategy. Here is a snapshot of our other email marketing services: 

Let us help you use email marketing to nurture leads and generate more sales for your business.