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The Majority Of Your Prospects Use Google. Use Google Ads To Reach Them

72% of search engine users prefer Google

Full-Service Google Ads Services

If your target prospects use the internet to find solutions for their problems and to research their purchases, it is a no-brainer that Google Ads is worth a least a try. Formerly Adwords, Google is a powerful tool for reaching even the most narrowly segmented prospects. 

Reaching specific audiences is a great suit, but is that equate to high ROI? Perhaps not entirely, but Googles Ads return $2 for every $1 spent sure says enough about why 1,000s of businesses like yours are advertising on Google’s display network. 

An 'ads' banner as it shows on different screen sizes

Where will my ads show?

Wide Variety of Campaign Options

Google’s sheer size means you have more than a few options to target prospects where you are most likely to catch their attention. It could be on: 

And the internet ads platform isn’t a one-trick pony when it comes to ad format too. Whether you prefer video, banner, or text-only ads, Google Ads has got you covered. 

Conversion-Driven Google Ads Campaign Management

To optimize your search advertising investment, it is critical to work with a full-service Google Ads services company who will look after your campaigns from planning, through launch, and beyond. 

Pollysys’s experienced Adwords team will ensure your campaigns are anchored on thoroughly researched keywords. The aim is to ensure the ads attract prospects who will convert.

Driving Conversions At The Lowest Cost Possible 

Google Ads’ success depends on smart bidding as much as it does on improving every aspect of your ads until your campaign is driving the right conversions. 

And to squeeze every drop of juice from your campaigns, we use your Google Ads account’s historical data to run remarketing campaigns that target people who have viewed your ads in the past but didn’t convert. 

A Google Ads specialist compares campaign stats on his tablet and laptop