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Local SEO

Connect with leads in your local area

Rank for more local searches and improve traffic to your physical store

Leverage Our Exclusive Local SEO Campaign Tactics

If you run a local business, it’s critical that your SEO also has a local focus. Local SEO optimizes your website for increased traffic and your brand awareness from local searches.   

And to paint a picture of the kind of value local SEO has for your local business, consider that 46% of all the searches people perform on Google have local intent.  

A whole different ball game

Local SEO Has Its Own Rules and Demands Its Own Strategy 

Local SEO is a different game that has its own unique set of ranking factors. It goes beyond merely adding your location in the right places when writing content.   

Specifically, to optimize your site for local search, we will, among other tasks: 

We will optimize your website to improve its odds of featuring on the Map Pack when visitors search a local keyword you are targeting. The map pack represents valuable SERP real estate as it appears above the traditional local search results. 

Four SEO consultants brainstorm Local SEO strategy.

Unique Content for Your Target Locations

While the keyword research for local SEO is quite straight forward, crafting and publishing content that’s targeted at specific locations is a bit more involved than normal SEO copywriting.  

Again, our writers have local SEO tied down and have the experience to craft unique pages for all the keywords you are targeting, even if you may be selling essentially the same services.